Business Writing & Editing

Business Writing & Editing

Rockstar Remodel

  • Designed using SquareSpace.

  • Wrote all website copy and stitched together the before/after photos with company watermark.

  • Writes or edits all client email correspondence, project estimates, and contracts.

  • Monitors and updates social media websites, including Angie’s List and Yelp.

  • Assists with scheduling and planning.

  • Completes all bookkeeping.

DeKorte Electric

  • Wrote copy, designed pages, edited photos, and created the entire website with SquareSpace.

  • Designed, wrote copy, and selected and resized images for a brochure for trade fairs.

  • Monitored and updated social media websites, including Angie’s List, Facebook, and Yelp.

  • Created and distributed customer satisfaction survey and followed up on responses.

  • Maintained job postings on, Craigslist, Facebook, and other sites.

  • Assisted with the transition of the existing social media accounts to another person when DeKorte Electric was purchased by On Electric.

Oregon Wave Energy Trust

  • Edited final project reports by scientists and wave energy developers before publication.

  • Edited PowerPoint presentations.

  • Edited request for proposals, edit formal letters, emails, and other correspondence .

  • Assisted in the creation and maintenance of SalesForce.

  • Organized files for Dropbox.

Gameplan LLC

  • Copyedited brochures for Oregon Ballet Theatre, including the Cinderella Ball fundraiser.

  • Proofread Leftbank Annex website.

  • Wrote and edited Oregon Wave Energy Trust background promotional fliers.

  • Edited formal letters, emails, press releases, and other correspondence for Oregon Wave Energy Trust.

  • Proofread an RFP for Oregon State University's The Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) and caught errors that the director's technical red team reviewers did not.

  • Assisted with Oregon Wave Energy Trust annual conference preparation (speaker materials, run of show, etc) 2012-2016 as a conference coordinator.

Podcast Advocate Network

  • Provides substantial content revisions and line-by-line edits for the organization, structure, flow, wording, and more for Podcast Playlist.

  • Proofread website and offered suggestions on design.

Willamette Park Apartments

  • Designed using GoDaddy sites.

  • Wrote all website copy, took photos, and designed webpages.

Elite Editing

  • Wrote book cover summaries, book descriptions for the book's Amazon page, and authors' bios.

  • Applied the correct BIASC code for marketing categories and subcategories.

James E. Ford

  • Copyedited The Last Mission of the Miller’s High Life: The Story of Francis Ford, Patrol Bombing Squadron 101, and World War II in the Philippine Islands by James E. Ford using Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition